Les Jardins Intérieurs
Quartier du buis
07200 St Privat

09 70 40 82 15
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A french poetic place for your Wedding

Les Jardins Interieurs is an ideal and poetic place for your wedding. 






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We always start with .... you!


Your desires, your wishes, your needs, your ideas, your vision of this event will be the basis of our work. Our goal is to help you realize your wedding as you dreamed, for it remains forever etched in your memory. For this, it should perfectly match your requirements, be a reflection of your personalities. We will work side by side for the design, planning, and until completion of the event to advise you, guide you and support you.

That you think of a marriage where will hurry up hundreds of guests either in the strictest intimacy, we shall always insure you a custom-made marriage, a unique marriage, a marriage which looks like you.

Our approach is both rigorous but flexible, friendly and professional, efficient and quiet to ensure that all elements of your event are fully resolved with ease. Each couple will receive an estimate made on the basis of services requested. Of course, the price of planning and coordination depend on the size of the wedding and the type of services requested. We are at your disposal to review, assess, discuss and advise you to find the solution that best suits your needs and your budget.

Once the design specified, it will be up to us to ensure coordination, negotiation and monitoring of your logistics providers. Not to mention the development and monitoring of budget, planning and coordination of activities of D-Day .... You remain the masters of your wedding but we are there at your side, to ensure the success of your event and achieving your dreams.



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