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Jardins Intérieur : Southern Ardèche

Located in St Privas, in the heart of southern Ardèche

At the heart of Southern Ardèche, opportunities for sightseeing and cultural activities are numerous. At "Jardins Interieurs" you are in the middle of a region characterized by gorges, caves, rivers and sunshine.
Saint Privat
Enjoy the hiking trails with their beautiful views along the banks of the Ardeche river from which the Department takes its name, or explore the old village with its hamlets of stone, its 19th century church and the old 17th century bridge.

Situated where the Ardeche and Luol rivers meet, the village historically made use of its water resources. In the seventeenth century, Colonel Ornano, Lord of the Holy Privadois Aubenas, authorized to collect the river water for agricultural purposes, and thus the nearly 3km long canal meandering the area was created. 
Subsequently, in the nineteenth century the river fueled the many spinning mills installed on the Ardeche. From its industrial past St Privat in the modern day is turning to the tourism sector, and has achieved to attract many visitors. Walking along the plentiful footpaths you will discover magnificent viewpoints where you can admire, among other things, the geological diversity of the Regional Natural Park Monts d'Ardèche in which Saint Privat is located.

Aubenas old feudal city (3 km)
Aubenas-Vals is the ideal base for excursions and walks. Notable landmarks and sites such as the Ardèche Gorges with its famous caves and sinkholes, the beautiful Cévennes range of basalt formations, and the mountain Gerbier des Joncs where the river Loire has its source, are all within 40 minutes journey from the cobblestone streets and ancient houses of the town. Perched on a rocky outcrop, Aubenas dominates the middle valley of the Ardèche; a strategic location between the Cévennes granite to the north and west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the limestone plateau to the east.

Market day: Saturday morning
Wednesday evening in July-August

Also see the 12th century castle with its Renaissance courtyard and historically decorated interiors and woodwork. Tours are in the evening, and in the summer musical spectacles take place.
A craft fair takes place in July and August. Every Saturday the Palace Square is also the setting for a traditional Provencal market where you can sample local produce and flavours.

Built on the wealth of its exceptional thermal water sources, the town of Vals les Bains is a renowned for its spas.

Featuring 145 water springs, Vals-les-Bains, is an acclaimed site of beauty with a tradition of wellbeing and enjoyment of life. For centuries, the "water-city" of Ardèche has developed a tradition of hospitality during all seasons. Visitors praise the ideal climate and unspoiled mountains, as well as the green park and the picturesque fountains and frescoes of the town itself.
Between the thermal spas and the old town you may also discover the history of Vals in a tour or on your own. The Champanhet House opens its doors to those who wish to indulge in the heritage of life in Ardèche. The town offers relaxation and culture, from the flavours and colours of the Sunday market to the excitement of the games at the Casino. But Vals is most famous for the water, so make sure you enjoy a glass, perhaps whilst sitting on one of the terraces, enjoying the attractive views.

Market day: Sunday morning
Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings in July-August

The gorges of the Ardeche:
(Circuit of about 125 Kms round trip)
Les Jardins Interieurs - Aubenas - Vogüe Ruoms - Vallon Pont d'Arc

Return via st Remeze and Lagorce.

VALLON PONT D'ARC (Tunnels and caves of the Huguenots.) The Orgnac,
THE FOREST, THE MAGDALENE, St Marcel d'Ardèche, Aven Marzal, SAINT REMEZE,

The Ardèche plateau (12 km):
Departure of the "Gardens inner" you go back on the roads of the highlands, is the ardèche pastures, slate roofs and brooms. Taking the road from Mezilhac you will reach Mount Gerbier of Reeds to 1551 m. altitude, produced by several volcanic eruptions, the cradle of the Loire. Then across the vast prairies, you will regain Issarles Lake, nestled in an ancient crater.
Back through the valley of Fontaulière via St Cirgues Mountain.

Antraigues (21 Km):
Perched at the confluence of the Bise and Volane, famous for his revolutionary pamphlets d'Antraigues's, this village of artists was painted by Jean Saussac and sung by Jean Ferrat.

Ruoms / Largs (60Km):
Ruoms, old city, walls, Romanesque church, chapel of the 10th, marched "passage dug in the rocks", Largentière, medieval castle and the 12th, Greek Revival courthouse, church of Our Lady Apples of the 12th.

Balazuc and the Museum of Chateigné (60Km): Magnificent medieval village with its old streets and a rich history of 11th to 14th centuries. A Merry, former duchy of Anne de Joyeuse, Admiral of France and King Henry Three cute. The upper town has kept its charm of yesteryear ... and the Museum of the chestnut.

Lamastre: The train Vivarais
(Circuit of about 140 Kms round trip)
You will discover the Gorges du Doux, landscape inaccessible by road.

North ardèche:
(Circuit of about 210 Kms round trip) can be linked in the same day Annonay and Safari Park Peaugres.
Safari Park Peaugres, unforgettable touch with wildlife ... field of 80 ha. Lions, wolves, SAMARIS, giraffes etc. ... total of more than 800 animals.
Annonay, dating from the Roman city "Annonae", quoted by the Montgolfier brothers, father of Marc Seguin suspension bridges Dragline "Serrieres and Tournon," Cesar Filhol Museum "Museum Vivarais" Canson Museum (Museum of Paper).




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